Spiritual Intimacy: God is not meant just to be studied but to be personally experienced. We teach a relaxed, simple, and non-striving approach to a deeper relationship with God.  Therefore, we offer opportunities to receive guidance in matters of Spiritual growth, prayer, and the application of Biblical principles.

Questions Welcomed: We advocate the freedom to think under the authority of Scripture. We don’t impose rigid systems of doctrine.

Biblical Literacy: The careful teaching of Scripture is the core of all preaching and teaching to all ages. We want to understand God’s word and reflect God’s thoughts. To that end, the best translation is the one you will read and understand.  So, feel free to bring one our borrow one of ours while you are here.

Missions Commitment: Approximately 25% of the money that the church takes in goes to support the spreading of the gospel at home and abroad and to help the poor and those in need.

Priority of Prayer: Many opportunities exist for all people to participate in structured intercessory prayer and also to receive prayer with the laying on of hands.

Blended Worship: Our service seeks to offer something for everyone. We embrace classic hymns and gospel songs, as well as today’s praise music.

Weekly Communion: We join with Christians in many denominations in celebrating the Lord’s Supper every Sunday.

Relaxed Atmosphere: The overall approach is laid back and casual. We try to be friendly and enjoy laughter.

Financial Integrity: Every dime that comes into the church is specifically accounted for. Our financial records are an open book.

Leadership Equality: Opportunities for service are open to any member of the church who has reached the age of sixteen.